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The Board of Trustees made a decision regarding ARC 2010:01 at its June 16, 2011 board meeting. The schools include Byng Public School, Clearview Meadows Elementary School, Duntroon Central Public School, Nottawa Elementary School and Nottawasaga Creemore Public School.  Click here for the approved recommendations.

The Board of Trustees made a decision regarding ARC 2010:02 at its May 31, 2011 board meeting. The schools include Barrie Central Collegiate Institute, Barrie North Collegiate Institute, Bear Creek Secondary School, Eastview Secondary School, and Innisdale Secondary School. Click here for the approved recommendations.

Accommodation Review Process

The Simcoe County District School Board undertakes Pupil Accommodation Reviews to address enrolment, programming, and facility condition challenges.

All accommodation review areas face particular challenges regarding enrolment (either too few or too many students), the ability to deliver programming (splitting grades or scheduling classes), and the condition of school buildings (the need for repairs).

This review process enables the public to make informed recommendations to the Board through volunteer Accommodation Review Committees (ARCs) whose membership includes parents/guardians, teachers, principals, municipal, and business representatives.

Pupil Accommodation Reviews are conducted in accordance with Board policy 2313, Pupil Accommodation Review Policy, and the Ministry of Education Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines. The Ministry of Education has also produced a guide to the administrative review of the accommodation process.


How will decisions about the schools be made?


The Board of Trustees has ultimate authority and responsibility to make decisions regarding schools involved in an accommodation review process.  In making those decisions the Board will receive reports from the Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) and from administration, and will hear delegations from interested parties at a public Special Board meeting called for that purpose.


Section 4.5.7 of Policy 2313, Pupil Accommodation Review Policyclearly sets out the timing and notice for meetings at which the Board will receive public input and make decisions.

Board Policies

Pupil Accommodation Review Policy #2313
The Simcoe County District School Board adopted the new policy on June 20, 2007, revised March 24, 2010.
Pupil Accommodation Review Memo A5500

Ministry of Education Documents

Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines
The Ministry of Education published guidelines for all school boards in Ontario to follow when preparing a new Pupil Accommodation Policy.
Good Places to Learn
The Ministry of Education published a report on future directions and goals for Ontario schools.
Ministry of Education
Link to the Ministry of Education website

School Information Profile (SIP)

A school Information profile (SIP) will be provided for each school identified in an Accommodation review.


The SIP will ensure that the value of the school to the student, board, community, and local Economy is considered by all Accommodation review Committees (ARCs).


The SIP for elementary and secondary schools can be accessed at Pupil Accommodation Review Memo A5500.


East SIP will provide the ARC with information for each school to help ARC members learn about each of the schools in the accommodation area.


Board Reports

Capital Plan 2012

Contact Information

ARC "2013:01" Midland & Penetanguishene Secondary Schools

ARC Chair: John Dance - Superintendent of Facility Services


Superintendent of Education: Stuart Finlayson

Area Assistant: Debbie Foster

705-734-6363  Ext. 11370


Midland Secondary School
Principal: Diane Fletcher

Penetanguishene Secondary School

Principal: Brian MacIsaac

Other Information


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