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The Simcoe County District School Board is undertaking a Pupil Accommodation Review to address enrolment, programming, and facility condition challenges.

All accommodation review areas face particular challenges regarding enrolment (either too few or too many students), the ability to deliver programming (splitting grades or scheduling classes), and the condition of school buildings (the need for repairs).

This review process enables the public to make informed recommendations to the Board through volunteer Accommodation Review Committees (ARCs) whose membership includes parents/guardians, teachers, principals, municipal, and business representatives.

Pupil Accommodation Reviews are conducted in accordance with Board policy 2313, Pupil Accommodation Review Policy, and the Ministry of Education Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines. The Ministry of Education has also produced a guide to the administrative review of the accommodation process.


ARC 2011:01 consists of Port McNicoll Public School, Victoria Harbour Elementary School, Waubaushene Elementary School (4-8), and Waubaushene Pines Elementary School (JK-3).

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